Special Features and Elliptical Stone Benches

Special features are specific elements incorporated in a dry stone construction. A wallhead ~also known as a cheek end or simply”cheek” – is such an example. The wallhead is simply where a wall begins or terminates. The wallhead is similar to a singular pillar, however it is actually tied into the body of the wall. A curve, through-stones (tie-stones), stepped foundations ~ an essential technique employed to build when going up a steep slope, protruding foundations, linteled arches, steps, squeeze stiles, niches, seats, holes, aperatures, water smoots and bee boles are all examples of special features. Any type of myriad “cairn” forms , or any of the 4 varieties of sheep-folds for sheep shelter, sheep birthing etc. are also unique special features.

Elliptical Stone Benches – Handmade from New York Sandstone and Wisconsin Limestone

The Elliptical Stone Benches are all hand-made. Material which is commonly known as New York -Pennsylvania Bluestone is a homogenous high-density sandstone which we selected for the top. They are initially cut with a hand-held diamond saw and then meticulously hand worked. The bench sides have a smooth “bullnose” profile. The legs are shaped from a white buff Wisconsin Limestone. Lengths are 4′ to 11′ and will seat from 2 to 14 people .They are warm to sit upon and are a bespoke legacy feature. This perfect Geometric form is a “true ellipse” (as opposed to an “approximated” one made only with dividers) laid out full scale with trammel points. Also known as a “curve of addition” or a “form with 2 centers” – it is one of the most visually appealing forms in the world of Geometry !

Pine Cone Cairn & Beaver Island Cairn

The term “cairn” /kern/ is defined as a human-made pile of stones . Cairns have been and are used for a wide variety of purposes . Here are just a few of many possible functions of a cairn: to indicate a landmark , burial monument , trail marker – particularly in the mountains above treeline , hunting grounds or where buried food and goods are located. These two cairns were built “dry” – using no mortar or concrete .

Custom water fountain – Onekama, Mi

Freestanding Sloped & Freestanding Curved Walls

These 2 beautiful “Christmas Tree Cairns” were built my my friend Jared Flynn of Dummerston, Vermont . They are located on a Christmas Tree Farm near Brattleboro, Vermont. The large one on the left is over 12 feet tall. The material was all sourced from local quarries in Southern Vermont. A long piece of rebar driven into the earth in the center of this feature and, a washer slid on to the rerod to swing around with stringline attached – was the guide for establishing the building line . These glorious cairns are on The Stone Trust’s Map For A Self-Guided Tour of stone features in the area .

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