2010 Wyman Park Dell, Baltimore, Maryland

                 Wyman Park Dell is a 16 acre public park that is a landmark in Baltimore. The park is in a “dell” or deep valley with steep slopes and a large lawn area. The park was designed by the famed Olmsted Brothers, the same landscape architects responsible for New York City’s Central Park.

                  We rebuilt the entire perimeter retaining wall of 1,300 in length. A small percentage of the original stone was recycled back into the new wall. The landscape architect specified a locally quarried quartzitic sandstone for the new build. The capitals are very massive; ranging from 5″-8″ thick with some over 4′ long.

                  Every day working in our little “dell” sanctuary within the city, we were reminded of what lives past the park. Amidst the birdsong and chattering of the squirrels were the sounds of vehicles, helicopters,jets and sirens. Many passers-by took an interest in the project and stopped to ask questions.

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